Food Care Value Drivers

At Sealed Air Food Care, we deliver measurable business results to our partners by focusing on four drivers for purposeful innovation so that together we can share in the value created.

Food Safety

Ensuring food safety is a top priority at Sealed Air, and our unique combination of Diversey™ hygiene and Cryovac® packaging solutions addresses food safety concerns throughout your entire process. We offer an extensive range of services that ensure food safety including:


  • A unique diagnostic tool designed for the Fish industry
  • Helps improve food safety and hygiene based on the latest technology
  • Quickly identifies potential microbiological risks and offers individualized hygiene solutions
  • Complimented by Secure Card which enables the creation of state-of-the-art hygiene protocols

Operational Efficiency

We provide numerous products, systems and services to enhance your operational efficiency. With our total systems approach, we are able to view your entire business, and then optimize each section and create cost efficiencies that translate into increased sustainability and revenue. Among the tools we’ve designed to boost efficiency we offer:


  • A tailored solution combining Diversey engineering capabilities and an extensive chemical portfolio
  • Automates the cleaning of all conveyor belt systems in different construction materials
  • Saves water, time, energy and labor with repeatable results
  • Our automated packaging systems with longer rolls provide less downtime for change-order and operation productivity

Shelf Life Extension

Creating quality shelf life is a crucial differentiator for running a successful process. It’s also a key to maintaining a sustainable supply chain. We help you extend shelf life and reduce waste through comprehensive hygienic procedures and innovative packaging systems, such as:

Cryovac® DARFRESH® 10K

  • Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging
  • Total pack integrity and drip retention
  • 3D presentation through second-skin effect
  • Competitive features like easy-opening and vertical merchandising

Brand Building

All stakeholders in the value chain seek to strengthen their brands and grow customer loyalty. We help our clients stand out from an overwhelming number of choices in the marketplace with a wide range of features that deliver meaningful benefits, such as:

Cryovac® OvEN EASE®

  • Barrier vacuum packaging
  • Enables food products to be cooked or reheated in the pack
  • Easy preparation and clean-up
  • Applications include frozen and pre-cooked fish filets, loins and steaks (cod, haddock, monkfish, tuna, dover sole, whole trout and other whole fish) as well as breaded fish, calamari rings and smoked haddock.