Our Promise

Ensuring the safety and quality of what we eat and drink is essential  for sustaining healthy communities. To help the world thrive, Sealed Air’s Food Care Division commits its expertise to create packaging and hygiene solutions that increase operational efficiency, extend shelf life and reduce resource use and waste throughout the global food and beverage supply chain. From farm to fork, we improve food safety and build brands for better tasting and nutritious experiences every day.

Our Blueprint for a Better World


Our initiative to innovate solutions for several of today’s biggest social and environmental global challenges while driving economic growth. We achieve this, in part, by incorporating life cycle thinking that results in a holistic approach for looking beyond the product and considering the value chain where the product is part of a broader life cycle involving sourcing, distribution, use and even disposal. Specifically for customers, we focus on the integrated bottom line:

Helping people make informed choices

Delivering value through the entire life cycle

Brand value, differentiation, customer relationship

Energy, water, waste, labor

– Food safety, health, liability, compliance


The aquaCheck program is committed to achieving sustainable water use throughout your entire process. The program provides a baseline of water use that defines a water map, potential opportunities for improvement, recommendations for specific projects to achieve targeted improvement, and the implementation of these projects. aquaCheck promotes the wider agenda of sustainable water management in areas in which we have real expertise to contribute.

aquaCheck has a systemic three step approach:

aquaScan is a historical trend analysis of water, energy, and industry and environmental benchmarks. This step is a holistic overview and environmental footprint of the site to answer the question, “What has happened so far?”

aquaProbe is a systematic water audit defining the mass balance and cost impact for each water user involving an audit team that spends several weeks at a customer facility measuring water use. Recommendations are made conscious of the need to use sufficient water to assure proper hygiene from a public health perspective.

aquaSolve is the management and implementation of aquaProbe recommendations to deliver significant water use reduction.


energyCheck is an audit developed to find efficiencies in equipment and processes that consume energy. We partner with processors to uncover opportunities to improve equipment from boiler steam distribution to refrigeration and lighting. Following the same Scan-Probe-Solve approach we highlight, manage and implement significant energy use reduction.

GE Partnershipge_logo

As a distributor of GE Water and Process Technology Products and Services, greater control of water quality, usage and waste water is enabled. GE’s capabilities with water management extend from boiler and evaporator treatment right to waste water chemistry. This exciting partnership offers brewers a number of advantages, including:

  • Reduction of water costs
  • Reduction in maintenance and investment cost of equipment
  • Reduction in risk to product quality
  • More efficient steam generation